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Tag: Cargo Insurance

What Is Cargo Insurance and Why Is It Important?

Transporting goods carries risks. Any number of things can go wrong with goods in transit. That is what makes cargo insurance so important. It can help protect the value of your goods against losses in transit by sea, air, or rail. Cargo insurance provides protection against financial loss for cargo that is lost or damaged due to a covered event. These typically include natural disasters,...

Cargo Insurance Vs. Wholesalers & Distributors Insurance

Cargo insurance is not the same thing as wholesalers and distributors insurance. If your business is a wholesaler or distributor that ships cargo, you may need both types of insurance. Our experienced agent can review your business policies with you to help ensure you have the coverage you need at the best price for you. What Is Cargo Insurance? Cargo insurance provides protection against risks...

Cargo Insurance Vs. Commercial Trucking Insurance

Commercial carriers are required by law to have carrier liability insurance. Since this insurance provides limited coverage, and because cargo can be damaged in many different ways, most shippers request cargo insurance to protect their goods from damage, loss, or theft during transit. Commercial trucking insurance, on the other hand, is essential coverage for a business or owner-operator providing trucking services. What Is Cargo Insurance?...

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